Yamamoto European Blend Drip Coffee

So my employer has good coffee at work. But as a coffee snob, I get bored easily, so I enjoy bringing in Japanese “pour over” coffee packets. With these, you place a pre-packaged filter in a cardboard holder over top of the coffee cup, pour hot water over it, and presto, coffee.

My favorite brand is Ogawa coffee, which is based in Kyoto, but the only seller of it I have found is on Amazon and it takes a million years to get here. So while I’m waiting for that, I found an acceptable substitute at one of the local Japanese markets.

It’s called “European Blend” drip coffee, by Yamamoto. My one big problem with Japanese drip coffee packets is they don’t pack enough punch! The big offender here is the ubiquitous Key Coffee brand. Alas, this is the easiest to find in the United States.

The European Blend Yamamoto brand doesn’t quite have the bitter punch of Ogawa’s Kyoto-roasted beans, but it is stronger than Key Coffee, so it’ll do.

Alas, I could not find an American distributor of this, but you can find the coffee ground version of it at Amazon, here.

Of course, if you want to purchase the actual drip packets on amazon.jp, go here.